PhD Scholarships

Scholarship applications are open for AIMS@JCU PhD scholarshsips commencing in 2018 - the application deadlines for ALL students (domestic and international) is 31st October 2017. 


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These competitive scholarships are open to domestic and international research applicants and have specific requirements, including the inclusion of an Advisor from both JCU and from AIMS.

All applicants (international and domestic) must apply by 31st October 2017

​AIMS@JCU scholarships provide the following:

  • Stipend for 4 years, plus tuition fees if applicable
  • Additional funding support for professional development in quantitative methods appropriate to the project
  • Additional $5,000 per year as stipend top-up or project costs (as agreed between student and supervisors)


Apply through James Cook University’s Graduate Research School.

You must submit:

An application for candidature, following the steps identified by the Graduate Research School


An application for scholarship, being sure to include and follow any additional forms and procedures required for AIMS@JCU scholarship applications. 

Note that your proposed supervisors from both AIMS and JCU must be consulted in the development of your project proposal and be named on and sign both your candidature and scholarship applications.


  • You must meet all candidature eligibility and scholarship competitiveness (merit score) criteria set by the JCU GRS
  • Your proposed team of advisors must include at least one staff member from both JCU and AIMS, who have agreed to supervise you in your proposed project.  At least one staff member from each organisation must be named on and sign the candidature and scholarship application forms.
  • Your project should be closely aligned with AIMS research, as delivered through the AIMS Strategic Plan 2015-2025 and current Research Programs.  You can download this plan here, and read more about the Research Programs here.
  • Project proposals that have quantitative outcomes as a central focus of at least one key research question, and,that will result in the advanced application and development of quantitative skills and tools, will be considered favourably (read more about our strategic focus on quantitative skill development here).

A list of project outlines that have been pre-approved by AIMS can be found here.   (This list is non-exhaustive and you are also encouraged to develop your own project outline).

Contact  for assistance in identifying potential supervisors for your project proposal.


How are AIMS@JCU scholarship recipients selected?

  • At JCU:  A prospective candidate’s applications is assessed for eligibility and scholarship competitiveness, via policies and procedures managed by the GRS at JCU.
  • At AIMS:  The project proposed by the applicant is assessed for alignment with the AIMS Strategic Plan, and endorsement for identified AIMS resources is confirmed.  (This process has already occurred for the pre-approved projects)..
  • The GRS will advise AIMS@JCU which applicants have met both candidature and scholarship eligibility.
  • Applications that meet candidature and scholarship eligibility, and AIMS endorsement, are then considered further for an AIMS@JCU scholarship at a combined meeting of the AIMS@JCU Management Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee.


International applicants: are defined as applicants other than Australian citizens/New Zealand citizens/Australian permanent residents.  

Domestic applicants: are defined as Australian citizens/New Zealand citizens/Australian permanent residents or Humanitarian Visa holders.  Proof of citizenship is required on application