Science Communication Awards

Science Communication Awards

Early each year, AIMS@JCU consider applications for science communication in the form of travel:

Applications are invited from any AIMS@JCU student member, at the level of support for individuals at $750 for an activity within Australia and $1,500 for an activity outside Australia.  Acceptable uses would be:

- Attendance at a national or international conference to present AIMS@JCU research, in Australia or overseas.  Usually only considered after 2nd year of candidature

- JCU standard travel policies and procedures to be followed

- Attendance at an institution for the purposes of completing collaborative research resulting in a manuscript or thesis chapter, learning a new technique, or liaising with potential future post-doc employer.  Usually only considered in 3rd or 4th year of candidature

- Awardees will be required to acquit receipts (and return unspent funds), attribute AIMS@JCU on all outputs, and provide an article for the newsletter and other AIMS@JCU publications.