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Why become a member?

The core business of AIMS@JCU is to facilitate collaboration between the Australian Institute of Marine Science and James Cook University, primarily through the training of joint and high quality postgraduate students.  To that end we offer postgraduate scholarships, conference funding and logistical support to eligible students where possible.  Thus the major benefits to our members come in the form of student support. 

Our PhD scholarships are competitive with a stipend at the level of the Australian Postgraduate Award plus an additional allowance of $5,000 per year, which can be used as a stipend top-up or toward research costs; this allows us to attract and support high quality applicants.  Each year a student seminar day is hosted to provide students with a supportive forum to practice presentation of their results and interact with and learn about their colleagues, as well as to award prize money for science communication to outstanding presentations.  As well as occassion infrastructure investments, we also offer competitive Pilot Research Awards and Travel Awards to student members twice a year.  We provide a commuter vehicle which travels between JCU and AIMS each day and can be used by members free of charge.

Summary of membership benefits


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