The AIMS@JCU ‘Aquashed’ was complet­ed in February 2006. Located within the Marine and Aquaculture Research Facili­ties Unit (MARFU) at JCU, the Aquashed was originally fitted-out with equipment ready for student experiments, providing over 350m2 of usable space. It saw the transformation of an old ‘green house’ with new power connection, water and waste-water collection, and provision of cool, dry work areas.

As with the CEF, the Aquashed estab­lished foundational infrastructure which is currently undergoing further devel­opment to meet future needs. It will shortly contain a range of independent and fully-recirculated systems, includ­ing:

  • A new automated control system managing four separate research systems within 150,000L capacity
  • A genetics research area with two 35,000L tanks for broodstock along­side another 20,000L dedicated  spawning tank
  • Ten 2,000L and six 2,500L tem­perature controlled tanks for climate change research
  • Six 15,000L parabolic recirculated tanks for research into algae culture in aquaculture effluent
  • Three 2,500L tanks incorporating an aquaponics system to support 4th year Aquaponics training


If you are interested in using any of the facilities at the MARFU, please read the Researcher / User Protocols, the Disease Prevention and Treatment Protocols and the After hours “call-out” explanation, before completing the The Aquarium Complex Researchers “Application for Use” Form.

information and images provided by Ben Lawes