Commuter Vehicle

AIMS@JCU provides a vehicle which travels between JCU and AIMS on a daily basis. This facility is available and free for all AIMS@JCU members, making the commute more cost-effective for students and occasionally staff who wish to use the facilities at AIMS. This is likely to increase to two vehicles in the near future as AIMS@JCU supported student numbers increase.

Please read the AIMS@JCU policy and procedures and log in at: to book a place in the vehicle.

The van is located just outside the gated compound off to the side of building DC061 and leaves JCU at 7:30am (see map here).  It departs AIMS to return to JCU at 4:40pm.   The vehicle cannot travel to AIMS without a registered driver.

If you would like to be added as a driver of the AIMS@JCU Commuter Vehicle, please follow these instructions:

In order to keep our safety policies up to date and in line with AIMS and JCU policies, you must read the vehicle policy and procedure documents provided by the AIMS@JCU office, as well as complete the ‘2017 Driver Agreement document’ confirming that you satisfy our driving criteria.  The prerequisites required are defined by whether or not you have an open, Australian driving licence valid for at least three years:

  • If you have an open, Australian driving licence which has been valid for at least 3 years, you must complete a driving induction at AIMS (let the AIMS@JCU office know if this is the case and we can organise an induction for you).  Prior to the induction, please watch the AIMS Induction video, log into:  AIMSCAPE – SERVICES – TRANSPORT,  and complete the attached “Requirements to Drive” form.
  • If you do not have an open, Australian licence or your Australian licence has not been valid for 3 years, then you will be required to undertake a driving competency test (paid for by AIMS@JCU) at your convenience.  Please contact the Graduate School of Motoring on 4772 2323 to organise a time which is best for you.  Take your licence along with you and let them know that AIMS@JCU are paying for your test.  You must also complete a driving induction at AIMS which the AIMS@JCU office will organise for you upon receipt of your competency test confirmation from the Graduate School of Motoring.  Prior to the induction, please watch the AIMS Induction video, log into:  AIMSCAPE – SERVICES – TRANSPORT,  and complete the attached “Requirements to Drive” form.
  • If you have completed the AIMS driving competency requirements, please let the AIMS@JCU office know and we will contact AIMS for confirmation.

Log-sheets are to be filled in by the driver for each trip and sent with receipts to the AIMS@JCU office whenever they are full.  The log-sheet template can be downloaded here.


A note from the Acting Research Director:

I would like to remind you that AIMS@JCU provides this vehicle free of charge and also pays for driver assessment – do take advantage of this but please do not abuse the system.

The AIMS@JCU office has carefully considered all of the issues raised over the past few weeks and will make the following recommendations:

1)      All people travelling in the AIMS@JCU vehicle must be approved through the AIMS@JCU system (i.e. have a username and password). This is not negotiable as there are JCU insurance implications. Any person not approved to travel in the AIMS@JCU vehicle should discuss alternate travel arrangements with their AIMS supervisor until such time they are approved. With this in  mind it is important to complete the log book in the car so that there is a record for insurance purposes.

2)      The current AIMS@JCU booking system allows for people to book a seat in the AIMS@JCU vehicle until 8:30 pm the night before travel. This cut-off time will be changed to 4:00 pm the day prior to travel (noting that the JCU vehicle coordinator is not available after 4:30 pm). This will mean:

a.       the individual will need to plan their travel a day ahead, as is the case in the AIMS commuter car system;

b.      it will allow all passengers to know the day before who will be travelling with them;

c.       it will assist in identifying a suitable driver, should a driver not be available this will allow plenty of time for alternate arrangements to be made;

d.      it will establish the day before whether a second vehicle is required, and whether there is also a second driver available;

e.      it will inform the JCU vehicle coordinator the day before for the need of a second vehicle, and will allow arrangements to be made regarding collection of keys.

3)      This new cut-off time will be implemented when the updated AIMS@JCU website goes live, which is expected in the next few weeks.  In the meantime I encourage you all to respect your fellow travellers and adhere to this new system.

4)      Regrettably, I have also been informed that there have been increasing incidences of passengers showing up late at the JCU meeting spot, thus holding up everyone in the mornings. This shows a complete lack of respect for fellow travellers. The current system requires that all passengers be present at the JCU meeting spot before 7:30 am in the morning. The travel policy, which is similar to that in place for the AIMS commuter cars is: the vehicle will depart at 7:30 am from JCU for AIMS and leave at 4:40 pm from AIMS, Monday to Friday). The designated driver on the day need only wait 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon when picking up passengers. It is your responsibility to be on time, others do not need to wait for you.

I hope that these recommendations are able to resolve the issues raised. Regardless, I do encourage you all to discuss this issue and raise any further concerns regarding the above recommendations with the AIMS@JCU office. Ultimately, we want to make sure everyone is able to travel to AIMS in a safe and timely manner.