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Student Posters

Seminar Day Prize Winners


Geoffrey M Collins, Timothy D Clark, Jodie L Rummer, Alexander G Carton: Resting metabolism and hypoxia tolerance are conserved across genetically distinct sub-populations of Australian Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)


Amin Mohamed, Vivian Cumbo, Susanne Sprungala, David Bourne, Bette Willis, David Miller: Chromera velia: Coral symbiont or parasite?


Selected posters presented by AIMS@JCU student members

Elodie Lédée, Colin Simpfendorfer, Michelle Heupel, Andrew Tobin: The utility of Network Analysis in studying aquatic animal movements: an example from two nearshore shark species


Martino E. Malerba, Sean R. Connolly, Kirsten Heimann: A new dynamic model for analyzing coupled nitrate-nitrite dynamics in phytoplankton communities


Muhammad A. Abdul Wahab, Jane Fromont, Steve Whalan, Nicole Webster, Nikos Andreakis: A morphological and molecular revision of Phyllosponginae: how different are similar foliose sponges from the Australian tropics?


Muhammad A. Abdul Wahab, Tracy Ainsworth, Nicole Webster, Steve Whalan: Come on baby light my larva: exploring sponge larval fluorescence


Muhammad A. Abdul Wahab, Rocky de Nys and Steve Whalan: Post-settlement survival and growth of a tropical sponge


Mario Espinoza, Michelle R Heupel, Colin A Simpfendorfer: The role of sharks in coral reef ecosystems: movements and trophic ecology of top predators along the Great Barrier Reef


Melissa M Rocker, Bette L Willis, Line K Bay: Oxidative stress-related gene expression in juveniles of the coral Acropora millepora