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Dr Mike CappoStaffAIMS-
Dr Timothy ClarkStaffAIMS-
Dr Amanda DawsonStaffAIMSCetaceans, Commercial use, Crustaceans, Dugong, Fish, Molluscs, Pollution, Turtles
Dr Martial DepczynskiStaffAIMS-
Dr Peter DohertyStaffAIMS-
Mr Jason DoyleStaffAIMS-
Mr Mike EmslieStaffAIMS-
Dr Carla EwelsStaffAIMS-
Dr Katharina FabriciusStaffAIMS-
Dr Renata Ferrari LegorretaStaffAIMSAlgae, Artificial reef, Behaviour, Benthic, Biostatistics, Climate change, Coastal development, Coral reefs, Corals, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Deep sea, Demersal, Distribution, Ecology, Field based, Fish, Human use, Intertidal, Management tools, Manipulative experiments, Mapping, Marine planning, Modelling, Monitoring, Natural disturbance, Ocean acidification, Ocean warming, Porifera (sponges), Quantitative marine science, Remote Sensing, Rocky reefs, Sharks / Rays, Shellfish, Soft bottom, Tagging, Temporal change
Dr Renee GruberStaffAIMSAlgae, Benthic, Biochemistry, Coral reefs, Corals, Ecology, Field based, Management tools, Monitoring, Oceanography, Pelagic, Plankton, Qualitative techniques, Sea grass, Seagrass beds
Dr Mike HallStaffAIMS-
Dr Michelle HeupelStaffAIMS-
Mr Craig HumphreyStaffAIMS-
Dr Lone HøjStaffAIMS-
Ms Michelle JonkerStaffAIMS-
Dr Jon KokStaffAIMSCoral reefs, Mapping, Monitoring, Remote Sensing
Dr Frederieke KroonStaffAIMS-
Dr Patrick LaffyStaffAIMSBacteria, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Climate change, Commercial use, Communication / Education, Coral reefs, Corals, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Disease, Distribution, Ecology, Economic development, Field based, Flowering plants, Genetics, Management tools, Manipulative experiments, Microbial, Microbiology, Molecular techniques, Molluscs, Ocean acidification, Ocean warming, Pelagic, Porifera (sponges), Qualitative techniques, Quantitative marine science, Rocky reefs, Virus
Ms Carine LefevreStaffAIMS-