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Dr Lynne van HerwerdenStaffJCU-
Professor Madeleine van OppenStaffAIMS-
Ms Elien VersteegenStudentAIMSBacteria, Climate change, Microbiology, Molecular techniques, Porifera (sponges), Qualitative techniques, Tagging
Dr Cecilia Villacorta-RathStaffJCUAlgae, Benthic, Coastal development, Commercial use, Communication / Education, Controlled Environment, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Crustaceans, Distribution, Dugong, Ecology, Field based, Fish, Genetics, Indigenous culture, Interaction, Jelly fish, Management tools, Mapping, Molecular techniques, Monitoring, Natural disturbance, Non native species, Sediment dwellers, Social interactions, Temporal change, Turtles
Dr Terry WalsheStaffAIMS-
Dr Nicole WebsterStaffAIMS-
Ms Taylor WhitmanStudentJCUBehaviour, Climate change, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Ecology, Management tools, Natural disturbance, Physiology
Mr David WilliamsStaffAIMS-
Prof Bette WillisStaffJCU-
Ms Emily woofStudentJCUClimate change, Ocean acidification
Mr Geoffrey Dominic YauStudentJCUBiochemistry, Climate change, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Natural products chemistry, Ocean acidification
Dr Chaoshu ZengStaffJCU-
Ms Laura Lind ZeuthenStudentJCUChemical ecology, Commercial use, Coral reefs, Corals, Ecology, Economic development, Manipulative experiments, Physiology, Pollution