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Mr Muhammad Abdul WahabStaffAIMS-
Dr Muhsen AljadaStaffAIMS-
Ms VALADA ANAISStudentAIMSAlgae, Coral reefs, Corals, Ecology, Pollution
Mr Scott BainbridgeStaffAIMSClimate change, Coral reefs, Corals, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Ecology, Field based, Indigenous culture, Management tools, Mapping, Marine planning, Modelling, Monitoring, Ocean warming, Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Temporal change
Dr Line BayStaffAIMS-
Dr Jessica BenthuysenStaffAIMSBenthic, Climate change, Coastal development, Coral reefs, Deep sea, Modelling, Natural disturbance, Ocean warming, Oceanography, Quantitative marine science, Sea level rise
Dr David BourneStaffAIMS-
Dr Richard BrinkmanStaffAIMS-
Mr Ole BrodnickeStudentAIMSAlgae, Bacteria, Climate change, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Disease, Ecology, Field based, Interaction, Management tools, Microbial, Microbiology, Molecular techniques, Monitoring, Natural disturbance, Ocean warming, Tagging
Mr Christopher A. BrunnerStudentAIMSBehaviour, Benthic, Climate change, Coastal development, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Ecology, Economic development, Management tools, Manipulative experiments, Mapping, Marine planning, Microbiology, Modelling, Natural disturbance, Ocean acidification, Ocean warming, Oceanography, Physiology, Pollution, Remote Sensing, Soft bottom, Tagging, Temporal change
Dr Mike CappoStaffAIMS-
Ms Madeline CarsiqueStudentAIMSChemical ecology, Coral reefs, Fish, Human use, Manipulative experiments
Dr Timothy ClarkStaffAIMS-
Mr Jean ComarmondStudentAIMSAlgae, Behaviour, Biostatistics, Climate change, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Distribution, Interaction, Manipulative experiments, Ocean acidification, Ocean warming, Physiology, Pollution, Quantitative marine science
Dr Amanda DawsonStaffAIMSCetaceans, Commercial use, Crustaceans, Dugong, Fish, Molluscs, Pollution, Turtles
Dr Martial DepczynskiStaffAIMS-
Dr Peter DohertyStaffAIMS-
Mr Sam DownesStudentAIMSBacteria, Coral reefs, Corals, Genetics, Microbial, Microbiology, Molecular techniques
Mr Jason DoyleStaffAIMS-
Mr Mike EmslieStaffAIMS-