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Assoc Professor Jan StrugnellStaffJCUAlgae, Aquaculture, Benthic, Biodiscovery, Biostatistics, Climate change, Communication / Education, Coral reefs, Corals, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Crustaceans, Deep sea, Demersal, Disease, Echinoderms, Ecology, Economic development, Field based, Fishing impact, Genetics, Human use, Intertidal, Mariculture, Molecular techniques, Molluscs, Non native species, Ocean warming, Pelagic, Physiology, Quantitative marine science, Rocky reefs, Sea level rise, Shellfish, Social interactions, Squid / cuttlefish / octopus, Taxonomy
Dr Hugh SweatmanStaffAIMS-
Dr Colette ThomasStaffJCUAlgae, Aquaculture, Controlled Environment, Ecology, Field based, Flowering plants, Interaction, Mariculture, Marine planning, Modelling, Monitoring, Pollution, Sea grass, Seagrass beds, Social interactions, Temporal change, Turtles
Dr Sven UthickeStaffAIMS-
Dr George VamvounisStaffJCU-
Dr Lynne van HerwerdenStaffJCU-
Professor Madeleine van OppenStaffAIMS-
Dr Cecilia Villacorta-RathStaffJCUAlgae, Benthic, Coastal development, Commercial use, Communication / Education, Controlled Environment, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Crustaceans, Distribution, Dugong, Ecology, Field based, Fish, Genetics, Indigenous culture, Interaction, Jelly fish, Management tools, Mapping, Molecular techniques, Monitoring, Natural disturbance, Non native species, Sediment dwellers, Social interactions, Temporal change, Turtles
Dr Terry WalsheStaffAIMS-
Dr Nicole WebsterStaffAIMS-
Mr David WilliamsStaffAIMS-
Prof Bette WillisStaffJCU-
Dr Chaoshu ZengStaffJCU-