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Mr Mohammad JahanbakhtStudentJCUBiostatistics, Modelling, Qualitative techniques, Remote Sensing
Ms Cora JeongStudentJCUBacteria, Climate change, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Genetics, Microbial, Microbiology
Professor Dean JerryStaffJCU-
Ms Dharini JhaStudentJCUBiodiscovery, Coral reefs, Corals, Field based, Human use, Mapping, Modelling, Monitoring, Natural disturbance, Oceanography, Pollution, Remote Sensing
Ms Johanna JohanssonStudentJCU-
Ms Rachel JohnsStudentJCUBiochemistry, Climate change, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Natural products chemistry, Ocean acidification
Ms Katherine JonesStudentAIMSCorals, Pollution, Rocky reefs
Mr Phil JonesStudentJCUAquaculture, Behaviour, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Corals, Ecology, Management tools, Manipulative experiments, Marine worms
Prof Rhondda JonesStaffJCU-
Ms Michelle JonkerStaffAIMS-
Dr Karen JoyceStaffJCU-
Ms Shiori KannoStudentJCUBehaviour, Climate change, Coastal development, Communication / Education, Coral reefs, Distribution, Ecology, Field based, Flowering plants, Human use, Interaction, Intertidal, Management tools, Mangroves, Mapping, Monitoring, Ocean warming, Pollution, Qualitative techniques, Rocky reefs, Sea level rise, Seagrass beds, Sharks / Rays, Soft bottom, Tagging, Temporal change
Ms Erin KerriganStudentJCUClimate change, Coral reefs, Corals, Ecology
Ms Rachel KingStudentJCUAlgae, Artificial reef, Benthic, Climate change, Communication / Education, Coral reefs, Corals, Crown of Thorn Starfish, Echinoderms, Ecology, Field based, Genetics, Intertidal, Management tools, Marine planning, Molecular techniques, Monitoring, Natural disturbance, Ocean acidification, Ocean warming, Oceanography, Quantitative marine science
Professor Michael KingsfordStaffJCU-
Dr Jon KokStaffAIMSCoral reefs, Mapping, Monitoring, Remote Sensing
Dr Frederieke KroonStaffAIMS-
Mr David KulcsarStudentAIMSBehaviour, Biostatistics, Climate change, Commercial use, Controlled Environment, Coral reefs, Demersal, Field based, Fish, Interaction, Marine planning, Modelling, Monitoring, Ocean acidification, Ocean warming, Physiology, Pollution, Qualitative techniques, Quantitative marine science, Sea anemones, Soft bottom, Temporal change
Ms Lok Ting KwongStudentJCUGenetics
Ms Lok Ting KwongStudentJCU-